KIEI-451: Introduction to Software Development

Week 2 Homework Instructions

This week, you will expand the business website that you created in the first homework, adding styling using the Tailwind CSS framework. In addition, you'll add a form to add user interactivity to your website. The form can be for any purpose that makes sense in the context of what you're building – contact form, order form, survey, etc. Finally, you'll host your site on the Internet using Netlify and accept public form submissions.

Begin by creating a new repository in your GitHub account. Name this repository hw2 and clone the repository to your computer. Don't try to rename your project from last week or otherwise copy-and-paste/duplicate the folder from last week in order to create your hw2 repository – start from scratch, copying individual HTML files and images if you need to.

Style Guidelines

On your 3+ existing web pages, you should implement the Tailwind framework by adding class names to elements that will affect your website's:

  1. Colors
  2. Typography
  3. Borders
  4. Sizing
  5. Box Model
  6. Layout (Flexbox)
  7. Responsive Design

This is not a design class; your work will not be judged on how well your pages are actually designed. Just do your best to make it look like a real website you'd find in the wild, aside from the requirements as described in the rubric.

Rubric (10 points total)

Finally, and once again, be sure to submit your Github repository's URL via Canvas - this is the ONLY way we will know what your Github username is and where your finished code lives!